ACR Productions Litigation Services

ACR Productions is a full scale production company that has combined the best of both worlds for legal professionals.  Our team is comprised of former police officers and investigators as well as proven professionals from the film industry.  We use the latest equipment and technology in the film industry to create a compelling visual story that reaches the heart of the viewer. 


Just as every movie has a story,  every case has a story.  The best story wins at the box office, as well as the jury box.

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We take the most compelling facts of your case and we go get and capture the pictures and video to match.


Our products are designed for prelitigation purpose with the maximum amount of impact on the decision makers.  Our productions are more than just tools, they are weapons. 

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People do not like people that take things from other people, it's that simple.  In any case with a loss, we can provide you with a compelling visual tool that proves your case.

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